The Mars Society needs your help in order to continue it's activities at the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station and to expand and grow the program. The society provides a variety ways in which you can support the project and be directly involved in it's success. 

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You can make an immediate difference with your financial contribution to the FMARS program! The station is a project of The Mars Society, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. You can also donate supplies and equipment to be used at the station. 

Please visit our donation page for additional donation options and a full listing of needed supplies and equipment.

The society is always in need of passionate, committed volunteers who can help move the FMARS program forward. From serving on Mission Support, to helping with fundraising, volunteers are the life's blood of what we do and the program would not be possible without them. Consider volunteering to help The Mars Society with the FMARS program today! 

Please visit our volunteer page for more information.

The Mars Society is now offering the opportunity for scientists, researchers, and education entities to send their experiments to FMARS during the next field season. Our FMARS crew will setup your experiment, collect data, and communicate with your research team or students while the crew is in the Arctic.

Visit our dedicated page to learn how you can Send an Experiment to FMARS.

Engaging with the interested public is key to the success of the FMARS program. The society schedules events where past crew members interact with student groups, youth groups, companies, conferences, the media and other interested parties to share their experiences and answer questions about FMARS. The crew for each field season also schedules dedicated video question and answer sessions which are conducted with the crew by satellite while they are in the Arctic. Additional information about FMARS outreach events will be posted in the near future.

Another great way to support FMARS is by purchasing items from our online store. All proceeds support the FMARS program.

Please visit the FMARS Store and make your purchase today! (coming soon)

Are you passionate and committed to furthering the pursuit of human Mars exploration? Are you up for the challenge of a month-long Mars simulation in the high Canadian Arctic? Do you have one or more experiments that you would like to conduct during the simulation? You might have the "right stuff" to be part of our next FMARS crew. 

Please visit our dedicated page to learn how you can Apply for the Crew of our next FMARS expedition (coming soon).