The Mars Society is now offering the opportunity for scientists, researchers, and education entities to send their own experiments to FMARS during the next field season. Our FMARS crew will setup your experiment, collect data, and communicate with your research team or students while the crew is in the Arctic. You get all of the benefits of conducting science and education / outreach from within the Arctic Circle, at a tiny fraction of the cost of mounting your own expedition.

How it Works
  1. You, your researchers, or your students design and build your own experiment to be conducted in the Arctic.
  2. You ship your experiment to our staging area in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada. (must be shipped by June 10, 2011)
  3. The Mars Society transports your experiment, along with other expedition supplies and equipment, to Devon Island via Twin Otter aircraft.
  4. The crew deploys your experiment within walking distance of the habitat during an EVA. They capture still photos and video of the deployment which they send to your researchers or students over the internet. (experiments should be designed for deployment in less than 30 minutes)
  5. The crew checks your experiment once per day throughout the course of the expedition (the crew is on site and performs these checks for roughly three weeks during the month of July). They will take at least one picture per day of your experiment, can take some measurements, and can perform minor maintenance such as changing batteries or resetting systems). (assume less than 10 minutes per day for these tasks)
  6. The crew packs up your experiment at the end of the mission and mails it back to you. Alternatively, if you choose, the crew can leave your experiment deployed after they depart and it can be checked by the next crew in one to two years upon their arrival (assuming your experiment has been designed to withstand one or more Arctic winters!)

Standard Packages

The Mars Society has developed several standard packages to simplify and streamline the process of sending your experiment to the Arctic. Package sizes and weights are limited by postal service package restrictions. Pricing reflects the expense incurred by The Mars Society in transporting these experiments by Twin Otter aircraft between Resolute Bay and Devon Island. Weight, size, and price information for each package is detailed below.

For Extra Large experiments, please Contact Us so we can coordinate obtaining a quote for freight shipping and provide you with a total price.

Optional Extras
  • Extra Setup Time - Have a particularly complex experiment which requires more detailed setup and deployment? The FMARS crew can take extra time to ensure the experiment is setup right and collects good data. Up to 2 hours of deployment and setup time: $250.
  • Extra Time Per Day - Some experiments require the hands-on care of crew members on a daily basis, for more time than is dedicated in the standard package. Up to 30 total minutes per day to perform maintenance, gather data and check an experiment: $1,000.
  • Electrical Power - Many experiments either require no electrical power (ex. material exposure experiments), have their own small batteries which can be swapped out by crew members quickly and easily, or generate and maintain their own power supplies (solar or wind powered). For others, The Mars Society offers connection to the hab's generator (120VAC, 15A circuit) for a nominal fee: $1,000. We ask that each experiment be designed to draw no more than 2.5A continuously, as electricity generation at the station is limited. If your experiment will require additional electrical power, please Contact Us. Cost will be driven by the need for a dedicated generator and will depend upon your particular power requirements.
  • Internet Connectivity (low bandwidth) - Want to control your Arctic experiment from the comfort of your home, office or classroom? The Mars Society can provide a low-bandwidth (512 kbps download to experiment, 128kbps upload from experiment, max) internet link via a shared satellite dish transceiver. $1,000.
  • Internet Connectivity (high bandwidth) - Need to collect and transmit HD video files or large datasets from your Arctic experiment? The Mars Society can provide a dedicated satellite dish for your experiment (2 Mbps download to experiment, 500 kbps upload from experiment, max). $2,500.
  • Remote Setup - Want your experiment deployed to a specific location on Devon Island, not in the immediate vicinity of the habitat? No problem. Contact Us to coordinate deployment and maintenance of your experiment during one or more dedicated EVA. Cost will be based on distance from the habitat and frequency of maintenance. 

Terms and Conditions
  • Costs of designing and constructing each experiment are the responsibility of the individual experimenters and not of The Mars Society.
  • Costs of shipping experiments to the staging area in Resolute Bay are the responsibility of the individual experimenters and not of The Mars Society. Typical costs for shipping packages to Resolute Bay from the continental US by US Postal Service are (Small: ~$50, Medium: ~$80, Large: ~$140), but actual shipping costs may vary. Both the US and Canada impose restrictions on the weight and size of packages. Please visit your local post office for complete details and to confirm acceptability and cost of shipment.
  • All experiments and their packaging must meet all US and Canadian safety regulations for safe shipments.
  • Return shipping costs (Small, Medium and Large packages above) are covered by The Mars Society's package fee.
  • All pricing is in US dollars (USD). 
  • Payment for all services is due by June 10, 2011. No experiment will be deployed if full payment has not been received.
  • Shipping details for our Resolute Bay staging location will be provided following receipt of payment.
  • All payments are final and non-refundable unless otherwise indicated.
  • All experiments are subject to prior approval by The Mars Society. If your experiment is not approved by the Mars Society, your payment will be refunded.
  • If the FMARS 2011 expedition is postponed or canceled, The Mars Society agrees to deploy approved experiments during the next conducted FMARS expedition. No refunds will be provided in the case of a postponed or canceled expedition.
  • The Mars Society is not responsible for experiment failure due to design flaws, flaws in experiment construction, or experiment exposure to Arctic weather conditions. Experiments should be designed to withstand conditions experienced on Devon Island, which at times may include severe cold, wild, rain, ice and snow. Experimenters send their experiment at their own risk, and may purchase insurance to cover their experiment at their own cost at their discretion. The Mars Society will make its best effort to provide services as described but makes no guarantee with regards to performance, and will in no way be liable for experiment loss, damage or failure to collect data as intended.
  • Electrical power, if purchased, is provided by diesel generator on-site. The Mars Society makes no guarantee with regards to the quality, availability, or consistency of this power source. Experiments should be designed to accept power from this source and be resilient to spikes, surges and power outages. The Mars Society will not be responsible for damage to experiments due to power fluctuations.
  • Internet connectivity, if purchased, is subject to service availability and service bandwidth limitations beyond The Mars Society's control. Bandwidth and internet availability is not guaranteed.
  • Electrical power and internet connectivity are only available while the crew are in residence at FMARS. Experiments left deployed at the conclusion of the field season must be fully self-sufficient.


Please Contact Us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the FMARS: Send an Experiment program. 

Thank you for your interest!

How to Purchase

Please Contact Us to let us know your interest. We will be adding Google Checkout and other payment options soon.