A variety of research projects are conducted by the crew each field season. Some of these are initiated by the crew members themselves, while others are conducted in collaboration with outside scientists and researchers. 

During past missions to FMARS, a variety of innovative research was carried out by international scientists.  Here are two examples of past research conducted at the Mars hab at FMARS:

FMARS 2007

FMARS 2009

Research projects which will be conducted during the next FMARS field study include:

Assessing Mars Habitat Group Dynamics, Personality, Subjective Stress and Coping (AMPS)

Principal Investigator: Sheryl Bishop, Ph.D.

The AMPS experiment, in support of research managed by Dr. Sheryl Bishop, will measure a complex set of psychosocial parameters. Prior to deployment, all participants will be asked to complete the Mars Habitat I, a web-based battery of pen and paper psychological questionnaires that assess various dimensions of personality, baseline stress and coping strategies. During the mission, on specified measurement days, participants will be asked to complete a second questionnaire battery, Mars Habitat II, (web-based or hard copy) which includes assessments of group dynamics, stress and coping. The Group Environmental Scale consists of 10 subscales that measure actual, preferred, and expected social environments of task-oriented and social groups. These 10 GES subscales assess three underlying sets of dimensions: relationship dimensions, personal growth or goal orientation dimensions, and system maintenance and change dimensions (Moos, 1981, 1986). Sheldon’s Perceived Stress is a self-report measure of stress. Self-report measures of this kind have been found to be valid measures of state anxiety (Stone, 1995).  Coping will be assessed using a 28 item Brief Coping Questionnaire which measures 14 subscales related to coping strategies.

This is a continuation of research initiated during the 2007 FMARS expedition.

More coming soon.