The Mars Society would like to extend its deep appreciation to its donors and sponsors!  Without their kind support, the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) and the planned Mars Arctic 365 (MA365) mission would not be possible. 


2013 Expedition

Mars Arctic 365
Sponsors for the Mars Arctic 365 expedition (Phase 1 - July 2013) include:
We would also like to thank the dozens of private donors who have contributed to the MA365 mission to date.

If you are interested in helping support FMARS and the MA365 expedition, please contact us.

2009 Expedition
FMARS sponsors in 2009 included the Mars Society, 4Frontiers Corporation, Florida Space Grant Consortium, NASA, Florida’s Space Coast, Georgia Space Grant Consortium, Prioria Robotics, AUVSI, Procerus Technologies, Nikon, Lighthouse Technical Innovations, Nanometrics, Geonics Limited, Del Mar College, First Air, E. Barry Stott, MIT Manned Vehicle Laboratory, The Omega Envoy Project, and Tom Jennings Productions.

2007 Expedition
FMARS sponsors in 2007 included the Mars Society, Polar Continental Shelf Project, Greenleaf Corporation, NASA Spaceward Bound, Mars Society Canada, the Canadian Space Agency, Wataire Industries Inc., Aerogrow, COM DEV, McNally Strumstick, University of Colorado Book Store, The Mac Shack, Solutions, Government of Quebec, and Strider Knives.

2002 Expedition
FMARS sponsors in 2002 included the Mars Society, Met One Instruments, NASA JPL, the Zeiss Company, MJ Research and the Geophysical Department of the Carnegie Institute.

2001 Expedition
FMARS sponsors in 2001 included the Mars Society, the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, the Niels Bohr Institute and Purdue University.

Establishment of the Station
The FMARS station was made possible through generous contributions from a number of organizations, including the Mars Society,, the Kirsch Foundation, the Foundation for the International Non-governmental Development of Space (FINDS) and the Discovery Channel.