• Dr. Alexandre Mangeot France

    Alex is the Commander of the Mars 160/FMARS mission and is an aerospace engineer and aerospace designer.  He’s been in three expeditions at the MDRS and several other Mars Society events in the US and Europe.

  • Yusuke Murakami Japan

    Yusuke is the Executive Officer (XO) of the mission.  He is a Japanese designer and researcher of architecture designed for extreme environments.  He has experience at MDRS as well as an Antarctic expedition and time at Mt. Everest.

  • Dr. Jonathan Clarke Australia

    Jon is a Crew Geologist.  He’s an exploration geologist and an accomplished explorer of resources and minerals.  He’s the President of the Mars Society Australia and has been in four rotations at the Mars Desert Research Station.


  • Anushree Srivastava India and United Kingdom

    Anushree is the Crew Biologist.  She is a biological anthropologist, astrobiologist, and member of the MDRS Capcom program.  She’s been through two rotations at MDRS.

  • Paul Knightly United States

    Paul is a Crew Geologist.  He’s an environmental geologist and will be seeking to better understand the permafrost and ice conditions in the vicinity of FMARS.

  • Anastasiya Stepanova Russia

    Anastasiya Stepanova is the Crew Journalist. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Moscow State University, studied 4 years for space journalism under Russian astronaut Yuriy Baturin.

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