Sol Summary – July 22nd

 In Sol Summary

Written by Jon Clarke

Sol 3 (or 83)
Very wet on Mars today.  The terraforming program must be going well! However, things are improving.  There are patches of sunlight on the farther crater wall this evening and, if the weather does not worsen, we should at least be able to go out of sim scouting EVAs. It’s too wet to do a safe EVA in sim and because of the rain and wind we have decided to bring forward our scheduled rest day, supposed to be for tomorrow, forward by one day. This way we don’t lose any planned work days.  Due to the humidity it’s raining inside the hab as well as outside! We can here the wind howling outside and whining through the mast and guy ropes?  It’s so windy that, as we say in Australia, a chook would lay the same egg three times…

So what have we done on our day off?  We have read, worked on our own research, chatted, Anastasiya baked bread, Anushree cooked beans and rice, we also watched and discussed my presentation about Meridiani Planum as a potential first crewed landing site on Mars.  Tonight, after washing up, debriefing, and finishing our comms session, we plan to watch a video.

Despite being hab bound and slightly damp round the edges, we are happy and active here at FMARS.  But we are looking forward to the resumption of our field program tomorrow (we hope!).

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