Sol Summary – August 1st

 In Sol Summary

Written by Jon Clarke

Sol 13 (or 93)

Something extraordinary happened today, the weather was not as bad as predicted. In the afternoon there was even a bit of sun during the EVA!

In the morning a team went to collect water and do other outside housing keeping tasks like disposing of the grey water and checking on the incinerator.

Anushree and I did a pedestrian EVA in the hab environments. Paul was shotgun again. First we collected samples of the white dolostone SW of the hab for future petrographic study, then walked down the quadbike track to the north to find sites suitable to pay out the hypolith quadrat. We found three sites. We wound up the EVA with checking Paul’s sensor stations on the slope below the hab.

Busy evening in the hab, processing data, sorting out old food, and planning EVAs for the next few days.

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