Sol Summary – August 3rd

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Sol 15 (or 95)

The forecast rain did arrive and, although it’s no windy, it was verywet this morning from about 10 am with scattered showers thisafternoon and this evening.

Much to our disappointment we had to cancel our scheduled EVA, a follow up to yesterday’s operational investigation.  The most we could manage under the circumstances was a brief unsuited sortie to check track and creek conditions, the former are muddy and the second are high.

As a result we spent most of the day doing hab tasks, fetching water (just before the rain came down) burning rubbish, scrubbing biofilms from nooks and crannies in the hab, and doing a session for the Institute for Bio-Medical Problems in Moscow.

Gloriously, three of us had showers today, another three tomorrow. I won’t name names, but it did feel good!

With the thick cloud it is very dark in the hab. We will need to connect up some lights.

Once again hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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