Sol Summary – August 5th

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Jon Clarke

Sol 17 (or 97)

Early rest day this week, in the hope that the weather will be improving over the next couple of days. It is slightly better than yesterday, which gives us grounds for optimism!

Pancakes again for breakfast, thanks to Anastasiya. Today people have been napping, reading, watching videos on their computers, doing their own projects (like 3D scanning preparations for talks), and for some exercising on the lower deck. Some of us have been looking at pictures of old expeditions to MDRS, and seeing how it and the people have changed, and the similarities and differences between MDRS and FMARS.

The downside of a day off is that we are less active. So we feel the chill in the station a bit more, especially when the generator is off to conserve fuel. Time to put on more layers!

Not much else to report in consequence, but we do appreciate these days off.