Sol Summary – August 6th

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Sol Summary
Jonathan Clarke
August 6, 2017

Sol 18 (or 98)


Today we were back in the saddle after a good night’s sleep. It was warm over night with no wind. Some fog rolled in early in the morning but soon lifted.

We spent the morning doing hab tasks – cleaning the incinerator, disposing of grey water, and replenishing our water supplies from the creek. After a lunch of Russian space food we got ready for our EVA.

This was the second of our operation study EVAs. This was at the same place as before, but we were suited this time. The weather was much better, by the time we finished the sun had come out and we were all feeling distinctly over-dressed.

After we got back several crew were caught on camera basking in the sun streaming through the windows. Others fired up the incinerator again for the never ending task of disposing of rubbish. Dear reader, how might we dispose of rubbish on Mars?

As I sign off I look through the east window to a blue sky and a softly lit crater rim, 15 km away. A good end to our day on Mars.