FMARS-15 EVA1 Report 25-07-2023

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EVA #1

Author: Olivia Drayson

Purpose of EVA: Locate patterned ground in Haughton Impact Crater.

Start time: 12:00

End time: 14:30

Narrative: EVA 1 included Andrew and Andy while Caleb was on bear guard. The EVA was a reconnaissance to attempt to reach the patterned ground to relocate previously visited sites and collect biological samples while, along the way, identifying locations with evidence of stromatolites.  Time out on the EVA was a total of 2 and 1/2 hours.

Destination: Aimed for patterned ground area at 75°23’51.6″N 89°48’42.7″W. Furthest point from habitat was 75°24’54.9″N 89°52’16.0″W. 

Coordinates: 75°24’54.9″N 89°52’16.0″W

Participants: Andrew Wheeler (EVA1), Andy Greco (EVA2), Caleb Pool (Bear Guard)

Road(s) and routes: Took the ATV trail from the Hab due South West around the crater rim however terrain was very rocky in some parts where the past 6 years had eroded the trail. 

Mode of travel: 3 ATVs, 2 450s (named Valkyrie and Pegasus) and 1 300 (named Sphinx)