FMARS-15 Crew Journalist Report 28-07-2023

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Journalist Report – Sol 5: Mars Exploration with a Dash of Humor!

By Terry Trevino

Greetings Earthlings! It’s your favorite interplanetary journalist, reporting from Crew 15’s adventures on the Simulated Red Planet! Things got a bit quirky today on Sol 5, but that’s just how we roll on Mars!

The day started with the crew waking up to what was supposed to be their well-deserved day off. But wait, is it ever a real day off when you’re on Mars? Nope! The gang still had some business to attend to, but they managed to squeeze in a bit of “me-time.” After all, even Mars explorers need a little R&R.

While the engineers tried their best to take it slow, we all know they just can’t resist tinkering with stuff. They were still at it, installing new lights up in the common area. Hey, who said you can’t have mood lighting on Mars? They even tested a windsock, because, you know, there might be some Martian windsurfing happening soon.

And speaking of “Martian” activities, the science team had their hands full too. Science Officer Olivia took us on a microscopic adventure, peering into the world of cyanobacteria and microplastics. They found a hidden treasure, a microscope tucked away like a forgotten toy, but it turned out to be a real gem! I mean, what else would you find on Mars?

But let’s not forget the most important aspect of space exploration: the human factor. The crew made sure to keep their Zen vibes intact with not one but two meditation sessions a day. They’re nailing it! I wonder if they’ll start offering online classes in Martian meditation. Sign me up!

Now, let’s talk about air quality. Apparently, they had a little party going on in the habitat with CO2 levels dropping like it’s hot. I guess the crew decided to throw open the doors and invite Martian fresh air to the fiesta. However, there’s still one guest they’re not happy about: Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). Seriously, TVOC, you need to leave! We don’t do parties for harmful compounds on Mars.

But hey, as they say, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. The crew is determined to tackle TVOC and is working on some fancy dehumidifier magic to make it disappear. Watch out, TVOC; You will come to fear or Scientific Ways!

And let’s not forget the unexpected EVA! Because what’s a day on Mars without a spontaneous walkabout? Our fearless Commander Andrew and XO Terry decided to play space fashionistas and tested their new helmet visor mods and suit repairs. If they start a Martian fashion show, count me in as the front-row VIP!

So, that’s it for today’s Martian escapades! Crew 15 is making strides, having fun, and leaving no stone unturned—except they did check the landing strip for stones. No polar bears found though. Sorry to disappoint.

Stay tuned for more Martian madness, wacky experiments, and laughter as we continue our cosmic journey on the Simulated Red Planet. Until next time, this is your space-tastic journalist signing off!

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