FMARS-15 Engineering Report 28-07-2023

 In Engineering Report

Sol: 5

By Caleb Pool

The windsock was temporarily installed at the north end of the FMARS airstrip. It functioned exactly as planned.

Items continue to be incinerated today. At least 6 barrel loads were incinerated with at least 3 more planned for tomorrow.

The generators continue to run on an at least 50/50 mix of new and old fuel.

The cleaning of the engineering shop is progressing: all tools now fit in the tool room. The effort will continue tomorrow.

Both engineers made substantial progress toward 2nd floor main area LED lighting install completion: armored cable was cut to length and connected to junction boxes, and lighting brackets were modified to accept round LED fixtures. Remaining related tasks include securing armored cable runs to wall, ceiling, and chain, mounting switch box to wall, and making final electrical connections.

Plans for tomorrow: pack items for removal, identify and correctly label the breaker for the EVA room exposed wires (and install an outlet), identify water pump parts for replacement.