FMARS-15 EVA5 Report 29-07-2023

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EVA # 5

Author: Andrew Wheeler

Purpose of EVA: Collect samples from the rock outcrop.

Start time: 13:45

End time: 15:45

Narrative: The EVA included Andrew and Andy with Caleb as bear guard. This EVA was a revisit to a site first identified in 2017. Using existing tracks, the traverse was direct to an overlook point for a view of the geological context and then back around to the outcrop itself. A soil sample was taken as well as lichen covered rocks. After collecting photographic records, the journey back retraced the traverse to the site. Photographic records of the deployed permafrost data loggers were also collected en route. The EVA  lasted a total of 2 hours.

Destination: Possible hydrothermal chimney. 

Coordinates:  75º 24′ 15.9”N -89º 49′ 52.5”E 

Participants: Andrew Wheeler (EVA1), Andy Greco (EVA2), Caleb Pool (Bear Guard)

Road(s) and routes: Preexisting ATV tracks. 

Mode of travel: 3 ATVs, 2 450s (named Valkyrie and Pegasus) and 1 300 (named Sphinx)