FMARS-15 EVA Report 28-07-2023

 In EVA Report

Author: Andrew Wheeler 

Purpose of EVA: Unscheduled EVA for testing. 

Start time: 17:10 

End time: 17:40

Narrative: EVA 5 included Andrew and Terry with Olivia as bear guard.

This EVA was an unscheduled traverse to gauge the effectiveness of an external improvised sun shield to aid ventilation in the helmet and better visibility against a low sun angle. A second suit that underwent extensive repair was trialed to determine if the repair impaired mobility.

The secondary objectives were to obtain GPS locations for the newly erected windsock at the landing strip and a confirmation of previous acquisitions at a number of creek crossings. The sun visor appears effective as a visor while the repairs need modification to de-restrict mobility. The GPS coordinates were successfully collected. Time out on the EVA was a total of 30 minutes. Destination: Hab to Hab via the landing strip and nearest creek crossing.

Coordinates: Attached JPEG Image for reference

Participants: Andrew Wheeler (EVA1), Terry Trevino (EVA2), Olivia Drayson (Bear Guard) Road(s) and routes: Main ATV track from Hab to landing strip and nearest creek crossings and return.