FMARS-15 EVA4 Report 27-07-2023

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EVA #4
Author: Olivia Drayson
Purpose of EVA: Biological sample collection from Haughton River system
Start time: 12:40
End time: 4:40

Narrative: The crew took a different route to EVA2 in an attempt to reach the Haughton River.
The ATV trail leading to the lake was taken first and samples from two of the three lakes was
collected. Then the crew ventured onto the ridge as the banks of the creek seemed too steep
for the ATVs. The terrain on the ridge was very rocky and the drop-off into the river was
extremely steep. The crew observed the creek from above and then returned to the bank,
parked the ATVs by the creek, and walked along the creek banks. After walking for around an
hour without reaching the river, the crew began to get tired, hot and dehydrated. So they
decided to log GPS position and head back. Along the way several interesting samples were
discovered and collected. From the geological side: shell and coral fossils, stromatolites,
potential shatter cones and fossilized worm burrows. From the biological side: some more
algal mats containing long cyanobacteria filaments, biofilm and water samples. In addition,
several large pieces of debris including plastic bags and a single glove were found and
removed from the creek.
Destination: Aimed to reach the Haughton River at co-ordinates of 75°27’20.1″N 89°43’14.9″W.
Furthest point from habitat was 75°26’53.7″N 89°44’02.4″W.
Coordinates: 75°26’53.7″N 89°44’02.4″W
Participants: Olivia Drayson (EVA1), Terry Trevino (EVA2), Andrew Wheeler (Bear Guard)
Road(s) and routes: Took the ATV trail from the hab to the lake and then attempted to follow
along the bank of the creek. Walked for one hour out and one hour back to the parked ATVs.
Mode of travel: 3 ATVs, 2 450s (named Valkyrie and Pegasus) and 1 300 (named Centaur)

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