FMARS-15 EVA3 Report 26-07-2023

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EVA #3 

Author: Andrew Wheeler

Purpose of EVA: Locate patterned ground in Haughton Impact Crater.

Start time: 11:40

End time: 14:40

Narrative: EVA 3 included Andrew and Caleb with Andy as bear guard. This EVA was a follow up of the previous days attempt to reach the patterned ground so as to relocate previously visited sites and collect biological samples. The ATV track was easy to follow initially, however every thaw releases gravel and silt to cover tracks and make passage difficult. Progress was steady and the objective reached. The area appears to have dried rapidly during this summer season as there was no water in the patterns and the expected algal growth was dead. Nevertheless, samples of the moss and algae were collected. A very shallow flowing stream adjacent to the area was sampled for plastics. The algae growing in the water was also sampled. Nearby, an automated weather/monitoring station was inspected. What might be the main data cable  appears to have been chewed through by something with very sharp teeth, though the entire setup appears to be in good condition. Time out on the EVA was a total of 3 hours.

Destination: Aimed for patterned ground area at 75°23’51.6″N 89°48’42.7″W. 

Coordinates:  75°23’51.6″N 89°48’42.7″W

Participants: Andrew Wheeler (EVA3), Caleb Pool (EVA4), Andy Greco (Bear Guard)

Road(s) and routes: Took the ATV trail from the hab to the north east before swinging south south east along well defined. Indistinct and sometimes completely covered previous ATV trails. In places the terrain was rocky and in others it was soft. 

Mode of travel: 3 ATVs, 2 450s (named Valkyrie and Pegasus) and 1 300 (named Sphinx) 

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