Flashline-16 Journalist Report 09-07-2024

 In Journalist Report

Author: Tiffany Swarmer – Health and Science Officer

The Mars Arctic Research Station, Crew 16, is honored to be on the island of Tallurutit, (also known as Devon Island), during Nunavut Day celebrated on July 9th. In Inuktitut, the most widely spoken Inuit language in the region, Nunavut means “our land”, and Nunavut Day celebrates the 1993 agreement to partition the Northwest Territories, creating a self-governed homeland for the twenty-six Nunavut communities. Our team was honored to stay overnight in Iqaluit, the Nunavut capital, and tour the Nunavut Arctic College, who had so kindly given us access to Tallurutit for this year’s field season. The tour highlighted both old and new knowledge, with areas of study like nursing and sewing of seal skin in the traditional method. The college is filled with the history of the Inuit culture and preparing the next generation for the future. Many thanks for all the support, stories, and lessons our team has received from the Inuit.

On this day Crew 16 would like to wish everyone a Happy Nunavut Day!!!