Dr. Alexandre MangeotFrance

    Dr. Alexandre Mangeot is a French aerospace engineer. He got his engineering master degree from ParisTech Arts et Métiers university. He was hired by CNES (French space agency) for a 3-years research grant to obtain his Ph.D. Hybrid space propulsion engines was the topic of the study with both experimental and numerical approaches. He worked for one and a half year for Expliseat, a start-up to design the lightest aircraft economical seat of the market. He was mainly in charge of the design of the seat accessories. Lately, he concluded a postdoc position during which he completed his numerical approach on a hybrid rocket.

    He has a previous experience at MDRS occurred in 2012 (Crew 113) and in 2014 (Crew 143) and participate in various Mars Society events both in US and Europe.

    During free time, he enjoys paragliding and travels.