Yusuke MurakamiJapan

    Yusuke Murakami is a Japanese designer and researcher of architecture especially designed for the extreme environment. He got his Master Degree of Environmental Design and Governance from Keio University.

    He has a previous experience at MDRS occurred in 2014 (Crew 144), and also spent 15 months in Antarctica as a geophysics wintering crew of The 50th Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition. And other expeditions in Mt. Everest Base Camp as a base camp engineer, in Mt.Fuji Weather Station as a research crew, in JAXA Isolation Chamber as a crew.

    After the earthquake happened in Nepal, Yusuke has started a project “Dare Demo Dome (dome for everyone)”, to supply temporally dome houses for the victims, the assembly systems inspired from a space building concept. He also has a weekly radio program “ON THE PLANET”, on Japan’s nationwide broadcast.