Anushree SrivastavaIndia and United Kingdom

    Anushree is originally from Lucknow, India and now based in England. Her educational journey started off as a student of literature, history, and music, which culminated into obtaining a professional training in Indian classical vocal music, a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Indian History and Anthropology, and a Master of Arts in Anthropology. But while specializing in its biological branch (just out of curiosity), particularly the “paleo” aspect of it, exposed her to the adventure of exploration. During her graduate specialization in biological anthropology, she studied the dental morphology and its variation among the human population.

    Anushree is passionate about astrobiology and space exploration. Her penchant for astrobiology and space exploration largely stems from her awareness to be awed by the wonder of life and her intrinsic desire to understand the humanity’s place in the Universe in a broader sense. To pursue her interest in the prospect of life beyond Earth, which was challenging for an art student, she joined the Master of Science program in Biotechnology at the University of Essex, UK. Here, with Dr. Terry McGenity, she conducted a geo-microbiological study of ~6 million years old halite crystals that deposited as a result of Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Mediterranean region. She is particularly interested in the biogeographical and astrobiological perspective of the Messinian halite. Her research interests include understanding the prolonged survival potential of haloarchaea entombed inside halite crystals and how this understanding can be translated into prospecting similar life in Martian chloride deposits.

    Anushree has been a part of MDRS Mission Support Team as a Capsule Communication Officer (CapCom) since 2014. In 2015, she joined MDRS Remote Science Team (RST) and now she is a member of both MDRS Crew 172 and MARS 160 Twin-Analog Mission as Crew Biologist. She has served as coordinator of United Nation’s International Year of Water Cooperation (IYWC) India Program 2013. Anushree is a core member of the organising committee of Astrobiology India initiative, which is aimed to encourage and promote awareness of astrobiology and space sciences in India, to extend education and outreach efforts, and to strengthen the Indian astrobiology community worldwide. She is also part of NASA Spaceward Bound India Expedition 2016, as a member of both science and coordination team.

    She enjoys Indian classical music, travelling, bird-watching, painting, photography, and reading. And she is a huge admirer of Gibran’s poetry.

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